Keyboard Rentals

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Don’t let your equipment hold you back!  Nothing makes kids want to practice like being able to hear their sound on a quality instrument, and nothing makes parents happier than having an instrument in the home that sounds great but is lightweight, portable, takes up a fraction of the space as Aunt Matilda’s old acoustic piano, and never goes out of tune.

We know you are on a budget so here are a number of options you can choose from for your one stop creative connection!

All keyboards come with stand, music rest and sustain pedal.  Benches are also available.  Details available upon request.



Yamaha NP31 Digital Keyboard

Yamaha NP31


A good introductory keyboard that will allow your kids to learn basic keyboarding skills on graded keys with Yamaha quality sound.  Much better quality than most department store keyboards, and very lightweight and compact.  With battery power you can even take it to the streets.

Number of Keys – 76 (9.5 Octaves)

Graded Soft Touch Keyboard (The lower keys are heavier in touch and the higher keys are light, just as on an actual piano, while retaining the soft touch of a digital keyboard).
Built-in Stereo Speaker System
Battery Power or AC adaptor
Preset number of voices (Piano sounds) 10
4 Reverb effects
Some sound layering possible
Number of Preset Songs 10 voice and 10 piano demo
Headphone jack
Sustain Pedal (Half Pedal)
MIDI In/Out (for additional sounds/recording)

To see a larger picture of the NP-31 visit Yamaha’s website here.


Yamaha P35 Digital Piano


Yamaha P35 Stand


Our best value keyboard.

The P-35 gives you dynamic, high-quality sound and more natural piano touch than the NP-31 with a full sized keyboard and more attractive stand.

Number of keys – 88 (11 Octaves)

Graded Hammer Keyboard
Just as on a traditional acoustic piano, the keys of the lower notes have a heavier touch while the higher ones are more responsive to lighter playing. The keyboard’s sensitivity can even be adjusted to match your playing style (Hard/Medium/Soft/). This Graded Hammer technology allows this lightweight instrument to provide an authentic touch.

Preset Number of Voices (Keyboard Sounds) (10)
Reverb Effects (4)
Layer sounds for more combinations

10 preset demo songs +10 preset piano songs
Headphone Jack
Optional Sustain Pedal
MIDI (In/Out) for more sounds or recording



Yamaha P-105 Digital Piano

Yamaha P105


Can’t keep your fingers off the keyboard?  This keyboard is for aspiring performers or those who music is “their thing”.

The P-105 includes basic drum accompaniment that can make practicing or performing “solo” more fun and piano “accompaniment” in a variety of styles.  It is easy for beginners and pros to use.

Higher quality sound recording embedded as the voices and better, fuller speakers than more basic models.

Better quality weighted keyboard and 88 keys (full keyboard size).

The P-105 is equipped with more connectivity options for recording or performing including USB TO HOST to connect directly to your computer for use with various education, notation and music production applications. There’s also an AUX LINE OUT to connect to a computer sound card, mixing console or powered speakers – great for recording or performing live.  Built-in speakers remain on for use as a monitor when using the Aux line out function for external speakers.

Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard
Touch Sensitivity Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed

Polyphony Number of Polyphony (Max.) 128
Preset Number of Voices (Piano sounds) 14

Reverb Effects (4)
Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC)
Dual Functions and layering capability
Split keyboard

Number of Preset Songs 14 demo + 50 preset piano songs
Recording Function – 1 song
Number of Tracks 2
Data Capacity 100KB

Number of rhythms on drum accompaniment – 10
Number of piano accompaniment styles – 10

Headphone Jacks (2)
Sustain Pedal
Optional Pedal Unit

Has many other premium features