Let`s Get Creative! Art Camps

Hi, I’m Carolyn.

I would like to invite your 8-15 year old to join me for a week or two of fun with art in South Frontenac this summer.

I have always loved art and music ever since I was young and I love seeing young people get excited about the things they can create.  The possibilities are ENDLESS and I really enjoy seeing how each person’s work is unique!

I teach the children about colour, composition, drawing, the principals of art and often give them choices of projects based on what they seem drawn to.  I select art projects that are designed to teach or enhance basic skills like drawing or painting or composition, and then encourage each person to make that piece their own by customizing it in one way or another to express their own artistic personality.

Most of all, we have fun.  Fun with colour, fun exploring different kinds of art, and fun meeting new friends.  Your child doesn’t have to be an expert.  They just need to like to Get Creative!

I am scheduling art camps for Summer 2024.  Click here to read more about dates and what is happening each week!

To see some of the projects from previous Let`s Get Creative! art camps please have a look at the Young Artists of Sydenham Galleries for 2013  through 2022, located on the drop down menu for Art Camp.

I hope you will consider sending your child to join us!


Carolyn Schaub

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