Ever heard someone say that playing the piano was boring?  That might be true if all you have ever heard is “chopsticks” or “Mary had a…” for the 18 millionth time.  The piano is a really interesting instrument that you can play many styles of music on.  But just in case you need something to inspire your imagination…

we have posted these videos to show you a few examples of what talented piano players can do.

Shoot for the stars!  Anything is possible if you believe… and practice very very hard 🙂


Coolest Piano Player in the World?

We all define cool in our own way but check out Hiromi Uehara.  She has a really creative style of playing and seems to be having the time of her life!  If you ever asked yourself what practicing all those scales is about you will not ask anymore after you watch Hiromi.  Scales are the equivalent of colors to painters – they are the building blocks of FANTASTIC freestyle solos.  We hope you like Hiromi, and let us know who you think is the coolest piano player in the world.

Piano Guys

Check this out! Don’t just play alone. It is WAY more fun to do cool music with your friends.

Jarrod Radnich

Check out Jarrod who plays the parts of a whole orchestra by himself on the piano. UN-BELIEVABLE! Watch out for the ending and DON’T try this at home! (unless you want to get in trouble with mom & dad).

Diana Krall

Then there is Canada’s first lady of Jazz – Diana Krall.  What an amazing silky voice and super laid back piano riffs!

Back to the Piano Guys – Check out what you and a friend can do with skills and a great looper pedal!