Piano Studio

Private Lessons

I offer lessons in a variety of styles to students of all age groups, but the majority of my students are between Grade 1 and 12 in the school system.  I teach lessons at Loughborough Public School (LPS), Perth Road Public School and at my home.  Each student is different and because of this I help each student grow and work on their own learning goals at their own pace.  Each student receives lots of encouragement and praise, opportunities to challenge themselves, and opportunities to shine in front of their friends and family during special performance opportunities.

Most of my students learn from one of two core curricula: Piano Adventures by Faber and Faber and the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM).  Students in both curricula learn piano skills and music theory.

Piano Adventures is a fun and accessible introduction to piano and reading music and is an excellent curriculum for those who want a good foundation for a life of musical enjoyment with one or many instruments.

The Royal Conservatory curriculum is for students who want a bit more of a rigorous technical challenge with their playing and who wish to progress through the RCM exams.  Students who enter the RCM stream have all completed Faber level 2B or have an equivalent skill level.  All of my Conservatory students to date have done exceptionally well on their exams, but should you decide that your child would like to work on Royal Conservatory pieces without taking the exams that is fine too.

Students can progress as quickly as they want depending on how much they practice!!

When students are ready, I encourage them to learn all kinds of other songs as special performance pieces or just for their enjoyment – their favourite pop song or movie soundtrack or other song choices.  Once they have learned the basics of note reading and piano technique I also teach students to learn how to play from lead sheets, chord sheets or by ear to expand their ability to be creative.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you want to take advantage of one of these spots.

Performance Opportunities

Because pushing through the butterflies and sharing our talents with others is such an important part of growing as people and musicians, I encourage my students to try out for the school talent show as well as having a mid-year piano party for students only to play for each other before March break. We also have an end of the year recital in June which each of my students has the opportunity to be featured in and which is a wonderful way for them to showcase what they’ve learned for their family and friends.